How do I Place an Order?

Each item has a button to Contact Us listed. Simply contact us and we will send you an invoice through Paypal.

Why Don’t You Have a Buy Now Button?

We like to provide clear communication with our customers while we produce orders, this is best done via email.

How long does it take to make my order?

Times vary depending on our workload. A DIY kit can take 2-4 weeks for us to prepare. A fully painted item can take up to 90days or more. This is one of the reasons why we like to be able to keep in communication with our customers.

What if there is a problem with my order?

Don’t Stress! We are more than happy to find a solution.

I can’t find a particular item, do you take requests?

Yes! We can produce anything you need! If you can’t find it on our site, send us a message.

Your Feedback on Ebay is Fantastic! Why don’t you just sell there?

One Word: FEES!!! Ebay and ETSY fees are enormous, and they also charge fees on postage costs!!! If we sold on Ebay and Etsy we would have to charge much higher for our items.

What are your postage costs?

Everything in our store has FREE Shipping. We are located in Australia, and ship worldwide for free.