This is a completely wearable Cosplay add-on of  the Phase 2 AT-TE Gunner.

For the full armor checkout our other items.

About This Armor

This is NOT 3d Printed! It won’t fall apart! This is high Impact polyurethane Plastic Kit

  • Made from Resin
  • Not as toxic as ABS, but just as strong
  • Sturdier than 3d Printed
  • Easier to prep and sand
  • Pauldron is made from a Flexible Polyutrethane rubber

Kit Add-on includes:

  • Helmet incl. Visor
  • Pauldron with Straps

We have various sizes available to fit most people. Please Message us for details


Payment plans are available, please ask.

Message me to request a particular set of Clone Trooper armor before buying and to confirm price.


Free Delivery World Wide.

Item is shipped within 14days after production is completed.

Made To Order
This item is custom made once your order is placed. It may take between 4-6weeks for it to be produced and then shipped.

Need Help Putting it Together?
There are some fantastic tutorials on the 501st forums or Youtube such as Patchbot’s Tutorials.

Is it 501st Compliant?
YES! In it’s raw kit form it is compliant. However you must make sure you build it and paint it to 501st CRL standards.