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DLT-19 Blaster Rifle – Cosplay Kit – Prop Replica Kit

DLT-19 Blaster Rifle – Cosplay Kit – Prop Replica Kit

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DIY Kits take upto 4weeks to produce.

Painted an assembled can take 90days to complete.

DLT-19 Blaster Rifle

Cosplay Weapon Kit for a Storm Trooper DLT-19 Blaster. This replica comes as a kit.

The DLT-19 was a model manufactured by BlasTech Industries. They were used by stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire, as well as by the bounty hunter Dengar, and some heavy troopers of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

This model is accurate and will pass 501st Guidelines. 


Shipping Details:
  • All items sent via Australia Post with Tracking
  • Free Shipping Worldwide


Made To Order

This DLT-19 Blaster is custom made once your order is placed. It may take between 4-6weeks for it to be produced and then shipped. 


Assembled and Painted Option

We offer the DLT-19 Blaster also painted and assembled as well.
Painted and assembled can take upto 90days to complete prior to shipping.


Important Details:
  • This item is Lifesize 1:1 scale. 
  • The DIY/Raw kit arrives in a number of pieces that need to be glued together.


Why Buy a DLT-19 Blaster Kit?

Buying a DLT-19 Blaster kit is the better option to allow yourself to build it and to take pride in knowing you built and painted your own Star Wars Blaster for your awesome Cosplay or Display.


Painting the DLT-19 Blaster

There are plenty of Tutorials on painting found online.
A simple Flat Black and silver (for scuff marks) is adequate. However, more detail can be painted such as Heat burns etc.


You Will Need:
  • Sandpaper
  • Stanley Knife
  • Superglue (cheap stuff works well!)
  • Paint
  • Putty

Cheat Mode:

Use XTC-3d Resin or UV Resin (about $15 a bottle) to get a real smooth finish with less work needed (it will save you hours of sanding).
0.5kg will do about 30 Blasters or 30 Helmets!  Well worth it and will store on the shelf for a couple of years!!

Tip: only mix 30ml each time and brush on very, very very lightly! 
Average Time To Complete: 8hrs (4hrs if you use the resin coating method)

Important Details:

  • This DLT-19 Blaster is Lifesize 1:1 scale. 
  • This DLT-19 Blaster kit arrives in a number of pieces that need to be glued together.
  • This blaster is unpainted/RAW and 3D printed in assorted colors.
  • You will need to remove left-over printing supports and/or burs.
  • Sanding and putty will be required to smooth out the pieces prior to painting and gluing. 
  • An epoxy resin coating is highly recommended.
  • Assembly will be required.
  • DLT-19 Blaster sent via Australia Post with Tracking
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