Imperial Snow Commander Helmet - Full Size Cosplay

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Snowtrooper Commanders were units of snowtrooper used by the Galactic Empire that held the rank of commander. They were identified by a small badge on their otherwise standard snowtrooper armor, that was colored red and blue to stand out from the armor's white camoflauge. One commander was seen in General Maximillian Veers' personal AT-AT walker during the Battle of Hoth, who Veers ordered to debark for ground assault on the rebel base.

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Made To Order
This item is custom made once your order is placed. It may take between 4-6weeks for it to be produced and then shipped. 

Assembled and Painted Option
We offer the Helmet also painted and assembled as well.
Painted and assembled can take upto 90days to complete prior to shipping.

Product Details

This helmet is a lifesize item for either cosplay or display and will fit anyone with a head circumference of 60cm or less.

The DIY Raw version of this helmet arrives in seperate parts that need to be glued together. You will need to remove left-over printing supports and/or burs prior to sanding and painting.

An epoxy resin coating is highly recommended.

Item is 3d Printed with a High Premium Strength Plastic.