Shopify Lockout – Order Refunds

Well, It Happened!

As most large sellers of Fan-made Props know; occasionally “The Mouse” notices and will take you down with a “cease and desist.”

Shopify has locked the order funds and will not release them, so we are unable to access the orders and we cannot be paid. (Shopify is holding onto all funds).

We are currently moving all our products away from Shopify to a new hosting service, though it may take a few weeks as we will need to manually add every product again.

We urge all our wonderful customers to immediately file a refund claim.

We hope to be back on a new hosting service shortly.


Shopify has given us limited access to our Dashboard. This will allow us to issue a refund from the funds they are withholding as soon as you file a claim.

You can request a refund by: Selecting your Order confirmation email and using the refund request link. If the link fails: Contact your Credit Card Provider and request a chargeback, we will then approve the refund immediately.

****Further Update***** Most customers have now contacted us and been refunded. There appear to be only 8 customers who have yet to file a request.  

****Further Further Update***** Have been speaking to several other prop makers; seems “The Mouse” is on a rampage and shutting a number of sellers down. It seems “The Mouse’s” merchandise is sitting on shelves and they are blaming fan-art Propmakers for lack of toy sales.